Welcome to the 2017 RING Meeting

The 2017 RING Meeting is coming soon. 

Please do not forget to register!!

Technical meeting (September 19-20)

The schedule is now available. We will have 15 posters and 25 talks divided into seven sessions:

  1. Structural Modeling
  2. Stratigraphy
  3. Seismics
  4. Stress, Flow and Chemical Modeling
  5. Inverse Methods
  6. Fractures
  7. Sedimentary Objects

This year, large breaks will ease feedback and discussions between attendees. Computers sceens will also be available for participants to run short demos during breaks. Please let us know if you plan to make software demos.

Trainings session (September 21-22)

This year all trainings are free of charges for both academic and industrial sponsors. Many thanks to Paradigm and Schlumberger for this!

Paradigm will provide a two days training on SKUA 2017 and a one day training on Gocad 2017.

Schlumberger will provide a one day training on Petrel VBM.

The RING team will provide tutorial exercises on RING software.

Please register to training sessions

Steering committee (9-12am, September 21st)
This year the steering committee will be chaired by Emmanuel GRINGARTEN. All the thirteen industrial sponsors are invited to be part of the steering committee where they can discuss the consortium budget and the future research orientations.